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Alright you’re on a roll here - so I want to keep you going with the right words that are gonna make your product or service SELL: This is The Email Copy Code.

The timer is on this page because this is a strictly limited opportunity that’s simply not available to the general public. So please read carefully.

The Email Copy Code is a special training I ran with email expert Charlie Price, and To really take your copy - and your revenue - to the next level, you’re gonna need to know the strategies behind the most successful marketing campaigns of all time.

Earlier this year, a sequence I wrote 3 years ago was relaunched to the same list for like the 4th or 5th time, and it made $690,817 in a week. In April, an email funnel I wrote, made $243,053 directly from clicks through from those emails.

Just From The Emails.

In Feb, $190k.

January, $224k.

That first one I mentioned?

First launch in Dec 2015 did $1.4 million, but almost ¾ of a million dollars says my copy is still working 3 years later.

I’ve also gotten Evergreen funnels to work - A meditation funnel I wrote & built out does $1.2 Million a year, with around 100k in traffic spend. I wrote & implemented funnels that tripled the Evergreen revenue that year, as well.

My broadcast emails made

$1,348,945 in 1 year alone

And that’s without taking into account my other smaller clients.

Since that fateful meeting with Vishen in his office in 2015, I calculated the total amount to be more like...


Although the truth is… there’s a lot of sales reports I don’t have immediate access to, so I haven’t included those amounts here.

THIS is how I know your revenue is about to explode.

- Imagine this scenario:

What if you could get the secrets of writing cash spitting copy that’s led to revenues of at least $35,000,000 in the last 4 years?

What if you could hand your team a tool that allows them to write this kind of copy?

What if you had at your disposal a system that can be applied all around your business, increasing conversions, engagement and profits?

You’ll discover:

Copywriting Strategy

Discover the simple yet powerful funnel strategies that virtually deliver laser targeted red hot prospects to you on a silver platter

The 7-Figure Funnel

Revealed: my template for an automated funnel that’s made up to $1.2M per year on autopilot, it’s the funnel we rolled out on 20+ offers that turned Mindvalley’s finances around, and one I’ve repeated with many other clients with amazing results.

Deep Dive into the copy ​

Break it down line by line. Why each line is there and what it does. The 3 types of subject lines I almost always use. When to use ‘content’ in your emails. And when to ‘sell’.

Storytelling Secrets

Storytelling secrets that maintain super high engagement throughout a sequence - a story is some of the most powerful copy you can ever write.

You Also Get:

Bonus #1: 'Instant Copy Templates'

Here's what happened: during this comprehensive training, we went over the copywriting templates I've created based on $35M in revenue from sales pages and emails in the last 5 years.

All you do is follow the easy step-by-step process to insert your details in the templates - and click SEND.

These come from countless millions of emails sent, 8 figures in revenue and split testing all the way.

This is a FULL PRODUCT currently for sale at $67 but when you enroll in The Email Copy Code you not only get the templates - the training reveals exactly how to use them for best results.

Bonus #2: Full PDF Transcripts

We've documented and transcribed every minute of these trainings, and created 3 PDF transcripts you can read to follow along with the training at your leisure.

It's a fact that reading along with a video training will boost your retention of new ideas, and therefore help you implement faster, making YOU more money.

Bonus #3: The Copy Code MP3 Audios

Listen to the trainings in the car, on the train, at the gym, anywhere you can take your portable audio player or smart phone.

This is the ONLY time you will see "The Email Copy Code" with these bonuses for just $97.00.

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And everything's covered by my 12-Month 'Hit The Jackpot' Guarantee

Here's the thing: When you grab The Email Copy Code, you can go through the entire program, try everything out, and in the unlikely event you do NOT think you have Hit The Jackpot - you can ask for a prompt and courteous refund any time in the next 365 days.

And remember, many of these products are simply not available at all, outside of this page you are on right now. Even if you sent us a blank check, there's literally no way to buy them.

But you can claim them now, on this page.

The time is now - click the button below to add this upgrade package to your order, and these unique gifts will be added to your members area along with everything else you ordered today.

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Hear what students have to say about

Me & The Email Copy Code...

Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook

World Class Copywriter

“Over the years I have personally trained several copywriting proteges in the art of the prodigious power of words. Many apply and very few get accepted. Brian is a class, savvy writer and truly understands what it takes to create a sales messages for you which ignites your sales - FAST!

When you want to hit a home run with your next sales letter, advert or email sales copy, do yourself a favor and invest in Brian . . . let him loose on your project because he has the ability to turn lemons in lemonade for you.”

Troy Patching

QLD, Australia

“Brian created an eBay listing for Personalised Chocolates 4U and we put it up to sell our information packs on eBay. We had sold a number of those packs before we realised that we'd only put up half the listing - we missed out half the copy and people still bought!

And when we put up the entire listing, well now we've sold 38 packs, and from that information pack, we've subsequently sold 5 franchises for a total of $10,000! All this in only 1 month, and there's no reason why this is going to change anytime soon. Thanks Brian!"

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