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And I’ll slash the price for The Copy Code to just $49

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to make such a deeply discounted offer, because often when you see a low price, it means the product is low quality.

But the reason I'm doing this is… somebody who invests in a course like this is statistically more likely to spend money with me in the future. Like for other offers, copywriting services, maybe even at an event.

And again, the timer is on this page because this is an extra special discount offer that I don’t want everybody to see.

And I’ve added 4 extra bonuses worth $XXXX

​So, to recap:

  • On this secret discount page, I’m offering ‘The Email Copy Code’ for just $49.
  • You still get ALL the bonus programs I showed you on the previous page, and… 
  • And, I’m handing over another 4 full programs to you. Which means that when you claim ‘The Email Copy Code’ on this page, you get 8 full programs in all. For only $49.

If you do the math - it turns out you’re getting lifetime access to 8 of my best programs for a measly $6.13 each!

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It wouldn’t be fair to all the others who’ve discovered this discount page and signed up.

So here’s what you do now:

Scroll down through this page and let me show you all the programs you’re getting as part of this secret deal.

Then, click the big Add To My Order button and they will appear in your Funnel Influence account when you log in.

Here's All The Bonuses You Just Saw

On The Last Page:

Bonus #1: 'Instant Copy Templates'

Here's what happened: during this comprehensive training, we went over the copywriting templates I've created based on $35M in revenue from sales pages and emails in the last 5 years.

All you do is follow the easy step-by-step process to insert your details in the templates - and click SEND.

These come from countless millions of emails sent, 8 figures in revenue and split testing all the way.

This is a FULL PRODUCT currently for sale at $67 but when you enroll in The Email Copy Code you not only get the templates - the training reveals exactly how to use them for best results.

Bonus #2: Full PDF Transcripts

We've documented and transcribed every minute of these trainings, and created 3 PDF transcripts you can read to follow along with the training at your leisure.

It's a fact that reading along with a video training will boost your retention of new ideas, and therefore help you implement faster, making YOU more money.

Bonus #3: The Copy Code MP3 Audios

Listen to the trainings in the car, on the train, at the gym, anywhere you can take your portable audio player or smart phone.

And Don't Forget About The $365 in

Extra Bonuses I Added On:

Extra Bonus #4: "Instant Copy Templates - Premium" Video Course - $67 Value

Firstly, if you remember that with The Email Copy Code, you’re getting another Full Product - Instant Copy Templates - as an extra bonus, but at no extra cost.

Soon after I created the Instant Copy Templates, I sat down and recorded full walkthroughs of each template, I break them down line by line, section by section, why each part is there and what it does.

So you’re not just left to find the right way to use these templates - I take you through the entire process, A-Z. This is normally sold only as an upgrade from the instant copy templates product, for $67, but I want to give it to you for free, so you can really maximize your results from these templates.

Extra Bonus #5: 7 Mindvalley Funnel Copywriting Secrets - $199 Value

Your next bonus is a very special private training I did just for a small group of entrepreneurs.

One where I reveal the full marketing setup that’s led to Mindvalley’s amazing growth over the last few years.

In this training I’ll show you the 3 types of funnels we built out for customer acquisition, and where they fit into the big picture.

There’s plenty of examples so you can see exactly what it looks like when you put all this together.

Along with those 7 secrets of Mindvalley’s huge success explained so that you can replicate them in your own business, even if it's only you and a laptop.

Because of the nature of this training, its not available to the public at all, but if I do decide to release it in any form, it will not be priced below $199.

Extra Bonus #6: The Sweet Spot Training - $99 Value

And for your final extra bonus, I have a very special private training for you.

One that has not been seen outside of a small handful of high end private masterminds.

See, over years of testing, sending millions of emails, pouring over campaign reports and analyzing the results - a clear pattern emerged...

The Sweet Spot

It might seem obvious where you have your CTAs in an email, but in this training I reveal my entire process for building out the structure of an email for maximum engagement and clickthroughs.

Even the gurus get this wrong at times - but I use this format for 99% of the emails i write and send.

Again, this training isn't for sale either, so few have ever witnessed it. But it would be worth at least $99.

Now here's where it gets really exciting: I've saved some of the best until last - and since you drive such a hard bargain, you get the best deal of all.

Here's The Mafia Bonuses You've Now Unlocked On This Page:

Mafia Bonus #7: Copywriting For Non-Copywriters Video Course - $97 Value

If you’ve ever wanted to get the secrets of high converting copy, without reading 100 books and studying super-long video courses (I mean have you SEEN the sheer size of Jeff Walker’s PLF course, or Neil Patel’s marketing course?)

This is MUCH easier. You just watch a short video (The average length is 2 minutes 44 seconds) and I just give you the info straight up. No fluff, no filler, just what you need. In 30 different areas. And you’ll get full PDF transcripts for each episode.

This program is NOT available for purchase to the general public, and it’s valued at $97.

Mafia Bonus #8: The Unsubscribe Game - $75 Value

This is something very different - in this detailed video presentation, you’ll discover how you should not only stop worrying about people unsubscribing from your email list - you should welcome unsubscribes!

Here I’ll share my screen as I go through real life examples - no made-up BS - and show you emails I've sent to my list, how many people unsubscribed, and why. I also reveal how to tell when you DO have too many unsubscribes, and how to lower this. You’ll also get the full PDF transcript with the program.

Another program that’s not available anywhere, it’s valued at $75

Mafia Bonus #9: 7 Figure Email Copywriting - $75 Value

This is a very special invitation only training where I pulled back the curtain on how I write funnels that make 6 and often 7 figures per year, on autopilot.

In this program I reveal how I structure my funnels, how I write the copy, examples of my best performing (and not-so-good-performing) subject lines that allow me to get 40%, 50% and even 60% open rates.

Comes with a full PDF transcript as well, it’s worth another $75 if sold separately. Which its not.

Mafia Bonus #10: Email Copywriting Deep Dive - $75 Value

Another video training where I discuss the finer details of email copywriting with 'The Mad Scientist Of Internet Marketing - Tom Bell'. And Tom has sold $150 Million in low ticket mass market products online, so he knows a thing or 2 about writing copy that sells. 

He’s a legend of the game, and whether he’s a genius or simply insane (perhaps both) the call he had together was more insightful and powerful than most guru’s marketing consultations they charge $1000+ for.

Also comes with full PDF transcript, this one is worth every cent of $75.

​I’m sure you’ll agree, this is the best deal imaginable, and since you drive such a hard bargain, I’ve decided to offer it to you for only $49 today.

But I do literally mean today - I do not want this special offer to be seen by the every man and his dog, so once the timer runs out, it’s gone.

This Is Your Last Chance To Get The Email Copy Code + 10 Rare Bonuses At The Crazy Price Of Just $49:

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Remember, You Get The Eight Extra Bonuses I Just Showed   you, PLUS Everything Inside "Instant Obsession Words"...

Add It Up, And This "Mega Package," Including The 8 Bonuses, Has A Regular Value Of $793.

Of course, every part of it is covered by our 60-day, 100% Money Back Guarantee - so even if you love Instant Obsession Words, but you don't like one of the bonuses - you can still get a fast, easy, full refund.

Why are we able to make you this bold guarantee? The reason is simple... 

We receive emails every day from women around the world who are grateful and thankful for these incredible relationship-boosting secrets...

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Hear what students have to say about

Me & The Email Copy Code...

Trevor 'ToeCracker' Crook

World Class Copywriter

“Over the years I have personally trained several copywriting proteges in the art of the prodigious power of words. Many apply and very few get accepted. Brian is a class, savvy writer and truly understands what it takes to create a sales messages for you which ignites your sales - FAST!

When you want to hit a home run with your next sales letter, advert or email sales copy, do yourself a favor and invest in Brian . . . let him loose on your project because he has the ability to turn lemons in lemonade for you.”

Troy Patching

QLD, Australia

“Brian created an eBay listing for Personalised Chocolates 4U and we put it up to sell our information packs on eBay. We had sold a number of those packs before we realised that we'd only put up half the listing - we missed out half the copy and people still bought!

And when we put up the entire listing, well now we've sold 38 packs, and from that information pack, we've subsequently sold 5 franchises for a total of $10,000! All this in only 1 month, and there's no reason why this is going to change anytime soon. Thanks Brian!"

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