"#1 Best-Selling Book Reveals How To Resurrect Any Email List"

Brian Cassingena

From the desk of Brian Cassingena

Copy Chief and Marketer for Mindvalley, AdSkills, Bob Proctor, Shaqir Hussyin, Todd Brown

Dear friend,

How would you like to hear the story of how I was able to double, triple or even quadruple the results of the email lists of my previous clients?

But first, a quick warning…

Disclaimer: The results you are about to see are not typical.

Please understand that I’m not making any promises that you will definitely enjoy similar results to these when emailing your list.

I’ve actually been writing copy for myself and clients since 2003.

I’ve had the benefit of working closely on big campaigns with entrepreneurs like Vishen Lakhiani and Justin Brooke. 

I’ve managed email lists of 2 Million+ and sent out countless millions of emails.

The average person who buys ‘how-to’ products usually doesn’t get any results at all, mostly because they don’t take action.

I cannot promise that you will get the same results as I did, just by reading this book.

With that said - let’s get down to business…

Here’s what this is about:

This is WAY different than any other books you’ve read - probably ever.

Because it’s a download of close to 20yrs of email marketing experience boiled down to 118 pages. 

It's not some long-winded text book that describes the A-Z of email marketing in detail.

And it’s simply written, super easy to read. 

You can do 118 pages in an afternoon, if you like.

Or hand it to your team and they can run with it.

Either way, you’ll have a fresh insight into what it really takes to revive an email list.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover in this book:

  • The 2-step strategy for reviving any email list - this is one of the simplest ideas you’ve ever heard in marketing. 

    You’ll kick yourself when you realize you’re not doing it. You’ll find this on page 5
  • A simple strategy to reactivate an email list that almost every marketer and copywriter gets dead wrong (this eye-opening chapter begins on page 7) 
  • Did you know... 80% of an email list are actually looking forward to seeing that offer again - no need to ever fear emailing your list 'too often'
  • The simple secret to consistent mailing on page 12 that helps make sure you send out more emails more regularly, without having to maintain the discipline of a Shaolin monk
  • On page 16, I reveal Mindvalley’s System Of Copywriting Success - why this surprisingly simple strategy works, and how anybody can start using it in their business
  • Are you still writing your daily emails yourself? This one thing could be costing you plenty - even if you think you’re saving money this way
  • The 3 Big Mistakes Of Email Marketing - starting from page 24, you’ll discover the 3 biggest and most common things which are costing most entrepreneurs more than they realize, and how to resolve them easily
  • Most copywriters are not doing enough for their clients… from page 32, Chapter 9 reveals how to build out a full ‘Marketing Ecosystem’ that could make you the hero of your clients
  • Page 38 reveals the counter-intuitive, almost scary way to reduce unsubscribes by going against natural instincts about mailing a list (This has the added side benefit of creating a list of raving fans who look forward to every email)
  • Chapter 12 answers the age-old question: How often should you mail your list? The answer may surprise you… and transform your email marketing strategy
  • Looking for a simple way to boost your response? Page 46 has the answer you’ve been looking for, and it’s so simple you’ll wonder why most marketers aren’t doing this already

Yup, I agree - it’s a whole lot of tested & proven email marketing wizardry… packed into 118 little pages.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

you're also getting another brand new book...

Engines Of Experts

I've interviewed the world's greatest entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters on the Geniuses Of Copywriting podcast.

And among the amazing persuasion secrets, they've also shared the totally ninja tools and resources they use to put together their marketing campaigns.

We've compiled all this into a brand new book Engines Of Experts, and I'm giving you a copy when you order Email Resurrection today.

So the entire system is there - simply put it into action, and reap the rewards.

Or, hand it over to a team member, and watch them resurrect your email list and make it a results-producing asset once more.

Here’s what to do now:

The investment for ‘Email Resurrection’ is $4.99. And it’s a downloadable PDF book with instant access inside your members area, so there’s no waiting around for a book to be shipped.

Why $4.99?

The reason is: I first sold ‘Email Resurrection’ on Amazon Kindle for $9.99 - and it’s still up for sale if you prefer to buy it there.

Of that $9.99, Amazon allows the author (that’s me!) to keep 70% of each sale, or $6.99.

So for this marketing test, I decided to go one better, and knock a couple of bucks off the price, just to make it an absolute no-brainer of a deal.

Because I know a certain percentage of people will become customers & clients in the future.

Yeah - you’re getting this best-selling book PLUS Engines Of Experts for only $4.99

Like I said, I want to make sure I get this material into as many hands as possible.

Because there’s plenty of business owners out there who’ve built a list - but aren’t getting results from it.

However… even though Email Resurrection quickly became a #1 best selling book on Amazon, this page right here is a marketing test.

If I can’t make the numbers work, I may have to pull down this page and raise the price.

So it could disappear at any time, I make no promises.

But I do make a very strong guarantee - you’re protected by my...

30-Day 'Hit-The-Jackpot' 

Money Back Guarantee

Download this book, go through all 118 pages, or hand it to a team member and tell them to run with it. Use the swipes as much as you like.

I’m betting you’ll Hit The Jackpot, once you take action.

And in the unlikely event that you do not Hit The Jackpot, if you try everything and nothing happens - heck, even if you just don’t like the color of the cover.

All you need to do is email my friendly customer support team within 30 days, and we’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund. My customer service manager Shyrell will handle the whole process, no questions asked.

And you can keep the book & all the materials as my gift to you.

I can’t be fairer than that.

Please click the button below to claim your copy of 'Email Resurrection with all the bonuses:

Thank you for reading my book,


Brian Cassingena

P.S. If there's an email list that's not producing the goods - this little book could change all that. It’s time to resurrect an email list with the #1 Best Selling Amazon book Email Resurrection. Click here to order your copy with bonuses.

P.P.S. Remember the 30-day Hit-The-Jackpot guarantee: If you don’t Hit The Jackpot with these strategies, - simply contact us and we’ll refund you asap. You can keep the book too.

P.P.P.S. In case you’re still not quite convinced, I wanted to add one last thing to really sweeten the deal: I want to send you a very special presentation I did just for one of Asia’s largest real estate companies, IQI Property.

At their annual convention, over 500 real estate agents witnessed this complete deep dive into everything I know about writing emails that sell, subject lines, storytelling, building a list, all of that good stuff.

And unless you were at that convention, the only way to see this special training is by downloading your copy of ‘Email Resurrection’ now.

Get your copy here and we’ll see you on the inside…

Hear what students have to say about

Email Resurrection...

R Wiser

New York City

“I immediately grabbed this book because the author, Brian Cassingena, has handled copywriting for some very big fish in the internet marketing/digital publishing world such as Mindvalley and Adskills. For internet marketers, this is essential information. But it also applies to anyone who runs a business that collects email addresses. So many businesses collect email addresses (for example, I signed up at a gym the other day, and they wanted my email address)...but very few have any idea how to send emails to their "list" in a way that is friendly, non-intrusive, appreciated, and becomes very profitable for you (the business owner). Brian is a world-class expert on this and once you read this book, you will be understand the concept of "email marketing" on a much deeper level and your subscribers will actually enjoy hearing from you - while you boost your profits at the same time. A win-win..”


Charleston, SC

“When it comes to communication, messaging and email, you won't find a more practical, easy-to-use and eloquent book.
Brian seamlessly weaves psychology, emotion, and sales into a 30-day email sequence that can easily be adapted to any industry.

It's a virtual swipe file of gold.

Get this book." 

Drew K


“I've been aware of Brian for close to a year now, and his skills are are top notch. I first learned of him reading an email sequence he wrote for a Google Ads firm. Being a student of the game myself, I did a little research to find out more, and I'm glad that I did. This book does a solid job of laying things out. It reads well, and is easy to follow. You'll still need to put in the work, but you'll understand the psychology and strategy behind what you're doing. When you get the book, just dive straight in." 

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